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Quality food!

Freshly made, quality food, for our quality customers! We aim to create great tasting food at a reasonable price for everyone to enjoy! With a wide veriety of food, you will have plenty to choose from! Click Below to go to our Menu!
Candolim is now open for take out orders only.

Welcome To Candolim!

In the 15th Century the Portuguese explorer Vasca De Gama was the first European to sail into India and break into the lucrative Spice trade

Some Four hundred later just north of where Vasco landed in Goa is the beach town of Candolim where as if time has  stood still you will see the street sellers & market vendors still trying to sell their spices or sample their food to the thousands of tourists that embark here every year.

The pungent smell coming of the road side shacks, the cacophony of vibrant colours from the array of different spices that the migrant workers bring with them from all over Asia.

It is this Witnessing of amalgamation between people, food & spices that our chefs take their inspiration from.

They have put together a menu that is tradition but modern, authentic yet innovative which reflects wonderful diversity drawn from the various regional cuisines of the Indian sub continent which means that vegetarians & Non Vegetarians will be spoilt for choice.